Thursday, 10 July 2014

Traffic Light Tree/ Canary Wharf

Dear Diary

After my summer escape in St. Kathrine Docks, I feel refreshed to explore new places or even the same ones but in more depth. The weird thing with me, here, in London is that I have a really big list of places and things to do and see but even though I cross many places out, there are still parts of these places that have been unexplored. For example, I`ve been to Canary Wharf 2 times and still there was something totally cool left out from my sight. What was that? A tree...Well, not a common tree, but a Traffic Light Tree.
Oh yes! I repeat; a Traffic Light Tree.
Well, actually it was not my fault for not spotting such a Traffic Light Tree in Canary Wharf since they were keeping changing their mind. 
1998: The Traffic Light tree was installed.
 December 2011:  The sculpture was removed by the owner, Tower Hamlets Council, as part of remodelling work to the Westferry roundabout. 
January 2012: The council stated that the work would remain on the Isle of Dogs.
November 2013: Re-erection was planned to begin at the Trafalgar Way roundabout, and completed by December 2013.
January 2014: The official lighting up ceremony took lace at the new location at Billingsgate Fish Market roundabout. 
 The Traffic Light tree was created by the French sculptor Pierre Vivant. It was situated on a roundabout near Canary Wharf , at the junctions of Heron Quay Bank, Marsh Wall and Westferry Road in one of London`s financial districts.
Eight metres tall and containing 75 sets of lights, each controlled by computer, Vivant described the project thus:
"The sculpture imitates the natural landscape of the adjacent London Plane Trees, while the changing pattern of the lights reveals and reflects the never ending rhythm of the surrounding domestic, financial and commercial activities."
The Public Art Commission Agency said that "The arbitrary cycle of light changes is not supposed to mimic the seasonal rhythm of nature, but the restlessness of Canary Wharf."
I totally agree with both sides!

What can a traffic light teach us?
A valuable lesson that it can teach us is that every problem is like a red signal. If you wait for sometime, it will turn into green! 
Till next time!
Litsiana K.

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