Thursday, 3 July 2014

Summer on the island part1/ St Kathrine Docks

Dear Diary, 

Hello there sailors!

It`s a bright new month (Hello July!) with hight new expectations, but it`s still the one and ultimate season: S U M M E R!
The other day, I was crammed full of thoughts... weird ones though.
For one instant moment, I felt trapped in London, without summer fun and holidays... 
 So, I played a nice mind-game:
`Litsiana is in London. London is an island. People have their holidays on islands....
Summer holidays for me on an island then`.
Life needs a hint of the unknown and since I have obligations here, I`d better take advantage of it and continue being spontaneous and acting like Dora, the explorer!
 I`m in London for God`s sake!!!
So, I followed my advice and I let my summer, my alternative summer, on the island begin!
My determination turned out to be a success! 
I went to a really picturesque place called St. Kathrine docks.  The place took its name from the former hospital of St. Kathrien by the Tower which was built in the 12th century. 
St. Kathrine Docks offers great facilities in an iconic setting. As the only central London marina,  visitors can enjoy the unique experience of sailing up the Thames and mooring right next to the Tower of London and Tower Bridge. I was in the heart of London, in a short walking distance way from so many things to see and do, but at the same time, I felt as If I was far away from the hustle and bustle.

One tip:
If you can`t change the direction of the wind, simply adjust your sails so as always reach your destinations...
Sail on sailors!
Write to you soon!
Kiss kiss, hug hug,
Litsiana K.

From head to toe:
Shades, River Island
Dress, Miki
Necklace, Primark
Ring-bracelet, Primark
Shoes, Primark
Shoulder bag, Juicy Couture
Lipstic, TOPSHOP


  1. Omggg you look too cool! That lipstick, the asymmetric cut of the dress, your nail polish colour and your shoes. Work it gurrrrl!

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  2. Thank you so much Jennifer!
    Your words mean a lot to me!