Thursday, 14 April 2016

it`s breakfast time!

Dear Diary,

Goooood mornin`!
Today is Thursday and the weekend is around the corner.
I love weekends and especially Saturdays.
For numerous reasons.
One of them is because I can wake up anytime I want without setting the alarm and I can cuddle in my bed until I cannot bare it without food anymore, lol.

And then creativity starts in the kitchen.
My happiness on a Saturday morning depends on a leisurely breakfast.
I`m not in any rush as I normally am during week days and I can enjoy any bite I take. 
I definitely have a hearty breakfast before kicking off my weekend.

Pancakes is something I starting having here in London and this year I `ve been eating so many of them as I`d never done before...
I don`t add sugar while making the pancakes at all. I use the very basic ingredients;  flour, milk, and egg. 
Adding sugar is pointless for me since I always accompany my pancakes with spreads or fruits; both sugary foods. 

I also like pastries and cereals.
I want a variation regarding my weekend breakfast since it`s a treat to myself for the hard work done during the week, lol!


Don`t forget tha saying:
" eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper".

Have a lovely day, muffins!
Kiss kiss,
Queen (of breakfasts) Litsiana K.

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