Friday, 29 April 2016

LitsianaDoesBerlin/ part1

Dear Diary,

Kalo Pascha!
Today is Good Friday in Greece and I am home miles away from home...
It`s the 3rd Easter Holidays that I`m away and it feels bad... 
The good thing is that I am on holidays; the perks of working at a Greek Academy!
So, I spent 3 wonderful nights in Berlin!
It was a last minute decision that my bestie Xenia and I took so as to see each other in the half way.
She from Greece, Larissa and I from London reunited in Berlin!
Not bad at all, huh?

We first went to our lovely hotel in Alexanderplatz and from there we started our wonders!
We explored the area around the hotel; ok, we did get lost to be honest while trying to find the Branderburg Gate, hahahaha. But we saw impressive structures that warmed us up before the main attractions!
After the Gate, we went to the parliament aka Reichstag. 
We walked a lot so as to find fooooood since we only had breakfast back in our countries...
Food in Berlin is so hard to find especially on a Sunday afternoon.
Finally, we found the best place with a view to die for; Berlin Cathedral in sight but, the kitchen was closed coz it was 6 o`clock.... So we fooled our hunger by having a cup of fresh mint tea, coffee and delicious desserts, oh and by staring at the view!
Afterwards, we bought some souvenirs form the official Ampelmann shop. Ampelmann is the East German pedestrian traffic light symbol born and bred in Berlin released by Karl Penglau  in 1961.
Despite the desserts we had, we started feeling hungry so we took the way back to the hotel in order to eat FINALLY something. Next to our hotel there was a huge pub full of people eating, drinking beer and dancing. We indeed entered the pub and we had so much fun there!
I had beer for the first time and I actually liked it!
Day 1 was completed with success!

Day2 will be soon up on the blog!
Till then,
smooch smooch!
Litsiana K.

On me:
Dungarees, Primark
Sweater, H&M
Sneakers, Nike
Faux Fur scurf, Pull & Bear
Tote Bag, Victoria`s Secret
Sunnies, Chloe

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