Saturday, 9 April 2016


Dear Diary,

The last part of the trilogy blogpost about Amsterdam is up.
Oh, this Amsterdam shades will never get old and I will always be having a huge silly smile whenever I browse through the pics.
The thing is that I`m fed up with the winter outfits...
Yes, it`s February when I went on this trip but, don`t you fool yourself that my  "spring" outfit differs in any respect... 
I want to wear lighter clothes!
"aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" Litsiana  signs after screaming, lol.
The past two weeks, the weather was so warm, especially during the weekend when I went out barelegged and wearing only a top.

Back to the trip, last day, Sunday was spent among museums (Van Gogh Museum and Anne Frank House), strolls along the picturesque canals, some last bites of palatable food and off to go; back to base!

How is your weekend so far????
Mine is soooo chilling killing!
Next post will be about my Saturday "routine".
Stay tuned, pancakes!
Litsiana K.

On me:
Cap, H&M
Jacket, River Island
Pants, Primark
Bag, Calvin Klein
Shoes, Primark

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